Helping Veterans Help Veterans.

Who We Are

    A Matter of Honor is devoted to finding and funding the best treatments and support for Veteran PTSD and Suicide Prevention.

     Our experts are some of the best in the field at determining the most effective treatments and the organizations which can do the most to advance and provide those services given proper funding.

    Our sole goal is to advance the field and bring the PTSD and Suicide rates of our veterans down dramatically.

Lieutenant Colonel

Richard L. Edmonds

    The CEO of A Matter of Honor, Lieutenant Colonel Edmonds' entire career has been dedicated to service and helping others.

    Richard began his career in the U.S. Marine Corps following graduation from college. He spent 23 years in active duty and Marine Corps reserve duty.

    He also has 20+ years of experience helping Veterans with job placement, training and career skills.

    Lt. Col. Edmonds has 20 years experience as an attorney specializing in Estate Planning

Lieutenant Colonel

Linda Fletcher

    Founder, board member, and senior consultant to A Matter of Honor, Lieutenant Colonel Fletcher conducted an 8 year study of PTSD before creating A Matter of Honor to educate the public regarding PTSD.

    Her insistence that PTSD is an epidemic, pushes A Matter of Honor to integrate changes in theory and treatment regarding PTSD, supporting more rapid reintegration into our society for our warriors with invisible wounds.

    Lt. Col. Fletcher served as a consultant to

the Surgeon Generals of both Europe and Southeast Asia.