Helping Veterans Help Veterans.

About A Matter of Honor

A Matter of Honor is a 501(c)3 nonprofit comprised of Veterans, who have both personal experience with Veteran PTSD, and expertise in the best treatments for it.

We deeply care about  our brothers and sisters who have made the noble sacrifices necessary to protect our country; and we seek to locate and fund the most effective treatments for them.

The examples below are just a sample of some of the many ways

AMOH has found to help.


The main funding for AMOH's work comes from the heroes at Gold Shield.

Gold Shield is a program that businesses across the country can get involved with, agreeing to regularly donate to A Matter of Honor to help support our efforts in finding and providing for the most effective PTSD treatments around. In exchange, Gold Shield provides these businesses with lucrative advertising opportunities as a thank you for their generosity.

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Bouldercrest Retreat's mission is to revolutionize a strength based model of healing, founded on Post-Traumatic Growth.

They provide free weekend and weeklong trips to their state of the art resorts witch integrate evidence-based therapies, a safe, peaceful space, world-class experts, and unparalleled customer service to improve the physical, emotional, spiritual, and economic wellbeing of our nation’s combat veterans and their families.

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Dryhootch is a nonprofit organization formed by combat Veterans to help Veterans in their return home.

Dryhootch is a chain of retail coffee shops, run by and for Veterans, which also supports an extended network of Veteran families, and encourages Veteran interaction with the community as a whole.

Dryhootch is a place where Veterans can gather informally in a coffee house; a safe, comfortable, drug-and-alcohol-free environment.

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